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Corporate Communications Advisor Waregem, BE, 8790
Teamleader Marketing Campaigns
Teamleader Marketing Campaigns Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790
Field Marketing Specialist Eastern Europe Waregem, BE, 8790
Field Marketing Specialist
Field Marketing Specialist Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790
Product Marketing Specialist
Product Marketing Specialist Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790
Teamleader Corporate Communications Waregem, BE, 8790

Nancy Ghiesmans (51) followed her daughter's advice and is happy to be working at TVH now.

Nancy worked in the transport sector as a dispatcher for years. When the company where she worked closed down last year, she started looking for another job. "Since the function of dispatcher was rather stressful, I thought it was time to try something new. My daughter already worked for TVH in the sales department on team Export. She told me that there was a job happening at TVH and convinced me to pay a visit. And before I knew it, I was able to start with TVH in January 2012.”

“The training is very intense and extensive. Really fantastic!”

The work is very different from what Nancy was doing before, but the transfer went better than expected. "As a starter you receive a fantastic training. It is a very intense and extensive training, but it is very usable. I really think it's excellent. I'm glad that, just like in my previous jobs, I still have a lot of contact with customers. You often speak to the same customers, so that you create a sort of bond over time.
Working in a big company also has a lot of advantages. At TVH you e.g. receive a hospitalization insurance, group insurance, flexible working hours and luncheon vouchers. TVH also has a company restaurant, which I find to be very convenient. The short distance is also a very big advantage for me.”