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Technisch Adviseur - Team Products Waregem, BE, 8790
Technisch Adviseur - team merken Waregem, BE, 8790
Business Project Advisor
Business Project Advisor Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790
Technisch Aankoper hydraulische componenten Waregem, BE, 8790
Teamleader Aankoopteam
Teamleader Aankoopteam Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790
Teamleader Inventory Planning
Teamleader Inventory Planning Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790
Business Project Coordinator
Business Project Coordinator Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790
Inventory Planner
Inventory Planner Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790
Product Purchaser
Product Purchaser Waregem, BE, 8790
Waregem, BE, 8790

His start at TVH, in 2012, was for Kristiaan Tavernier (45) a career switch: from sales agent to purchaser. He ended up in the purchase team 'Engines'.

After 14 years as a sales agent in the wood industry, Kristiaan was looking for a job that fitted in better with his diploma car mechanics. “I am responsible for the purchase of transmissions and differentials, of all brands, as a result of which I also immediately received a big responsibility. When I started I first received a 2-month thorough training. At that moment I had to bite the bullet, but it turned out better than expected. In addition I was also assigned a colleague as a 'sponsor', who learned me the ways of TVH and the computer system between trainings. The job is not easy but you get the necessary time to become familiar with it. I find that very positive. Fortunately I can always count on the support of my colleagues whenever necessary. The purchase team 'Engines' was already a very close team when I arrived and I was welcomed fantastically.“

“I am very happy with the flexible timetable. It is very convenient for when I decide to come by bicycle.”
“I usually carpool with a colleague. We often leave early, as we avoid traffic-jams that way. But sometimes I come by bicycle and then the flexible timetable is very interesting. For the people who come to work by bicycle there are even showers and changing rooms available to change clothes.”